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The Hylia Anime

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Sailor Moon SuperS TV Music Collection

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Album name: Sailor Moon SuperS TV Music Collection
Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 137.70 MB
Date added: May 9th, 2017

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1. Moonlight Densetsu 2:54 6.89 MB 20.03 MB
2. Subtitle 0:12 727.10 KB 971.18 KB
3. Yume de Mita Hyoushou no Mori 4:40 10.90 MB 25.98 MB
4. Sailor Senshi no Yuuga na Houkago 5:40 13.19 MB 33.18 MB
5. Otona-tachi no Yuutsu 4:13 9.90 MB 22.66 MB
6. Kaijin-tachi no Circus Dan 5:15 12.25 MB 29.60 MB
7. Amazon Bar 3:32 8.33 MB 18.12 MB
8. ChibiUsa no Romance 3:07 7.36 MB 15.27 MB
9. Eyecatch 0:15 824.04 KB 1.28 MB
10. Amazon Trio no Wana 4:52 11.37 MB 24.62 MB
11. Utsukushii Yume no Kagami 4:38 10.83 MB 28.84 MB
12. Sailor Senshi Aratanaru Hishou 5:27 12.72 MB 33.96 MB
13. Double Henshin Moon & Chibi-Moon 2:25 5.77 MB 15.74 MB
14. Moon Gorgeous Meditation 3:18 7.80 MB 21.67 MB
15. Itsuka Sonna Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute​(Instrumental Version) 3:49 8.96 MB 21.04 MB
16. Sore Jaa Mata Raishuu ne 0:33 1.51 MB 3.39 MB
17. 'Rashiku' Ikimasho 3:32 8.34 MB 24.84 MB

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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

With Moon Gorgeous Meditation, I played Pokemon Fire Red version on my Gameboy Advance. These Sailor Moon musics from the anime are really great, I just used it for a Pokemon Battle against these trainers. for instance, Moon Gorgeous Meditation is the only music for Spinda using Psychic at Arbok, for Subtitle, Eevee finally evolves into Flareon. for New Flight Of The Sailor Scouts, these Pokemon trainers will challenge you to a Pokemon Battle. for 3 Traps Of The Amazon Trio, the evil Team Rocket challenges you to a Pokemon Battle. so, that you were entering the Crystal Forest or Victory Road, When We Can Be Ourselves was used for the Hall of Fame as you beat the Elite Four. anyway, Sailor Moon SuperS TV Music Collection is rated 10 out of 10. This Is It See You Next Week.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Mario:Shoot it again!
Sailor Mini Moon: What?!
Sailor Moon:I don't understand that.
Mario:I said shoot it again but pirate like.

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