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Sailor Moon Music Collection - Extra Version

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Album name: Sailor Moon Music Collection - Extra Version
Number of Files: 26
Total Filesize: 159.04 MB
Date added: May 9th, 2017

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[FLAC+MP3] 01 - Moonlight Densetsu (TV size).mp3 3.42 MB 9.16 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 02 - Eyecatch.mp3 725.56 KB 1007.51 KB
[FLAC+MP3] 03 - Henshin.mp3 1.83 MB 4.12 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 04 - Kandou to Ketsu.mp3 4.51 MB 9.99 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 05 - Zetsubou to Aku.mp3 9.20 MB 18.61 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 06 - Kyusokou.mp3 2.56 MB 4.47 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 07 - Fanfare Sonata.mp3 3.52 MB 6.41 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 08 - Eyecatch.mp3 1.27 MB 2.47 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 09 - Akaruku Genkini Soshite Romantic.mp3 7.98 MB 19.20 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 10 - Henshin to Hissatsuwaza.mp3 4.96 MB 13.15 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 11 - Usagi no Theme. Kattou. Ail no Flute.mp3 4.13 MB 8.83 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 12 - Tsuyoi Teki.mp3 4.45 MB 10.09 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 13 - Kandouteki Soshite Huanna.mp3 6.78 MB 15.52 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 14 - Nostaljic Soshite Romantic.mp3 9.39 MB 22.34 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 15 - Senshi no Shukumei Teki no Yabou.mp3 9.60 MB 23.26 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 16 - Yasashii Joukei.mp3 12.47 MB 30.38 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 17 - Kincho no Joukei to Koudoutenkina.mp3 13.26 MB 30.51 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 18 - Michiru and Haruka.mp3 5.47 MB 10.82 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 19 - Bridge to Kanashimi.mp3 5.50 MB 10.33 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 20 - Yokoku.mp3 1.36 MB 2.84 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 21 - Ending - Arrange.mp3 4.63 MB 10.81 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 22 - Teki to Pegasus no Theme.mp3 7.61 MB 17.57 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 23 - Nichijouteki BGM.mp3 23.07 MB 54.98 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 24 - Sentouteki BGM.mp3 4.36 MB 12.03 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 25 - Pinchi...Soshite Ketsui.mp3 3.18 MB 5.06 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 26 - Tuxedo Mirage (TV size).mp3 3.73 MB 9.14 MB

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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Sailor Mini Moon:(while Raichu is watching, Sailor Mini Moon is walking in the secluded glade and she can pick up flowers)la da da da. one song i have but one song. one love, la da da dee. la da la da da dee da, la da da da.
Pikachu:Pika pikachu. pikapi. pikapi.
Sailor Mini Moon:Hello there.
Sailor Mini Moon:What's the matter? Where's your mama and papa? Why, I believe you're lost. Oh, please, don't cry.(while Sailor Mini Moon pets Pikachu, Raichu is watching for the kill) Come on. Perk up.
Sailor Mini Moon:Won't you smile for me?
Sailor Mini Moon:Aha ha ha. That's better.(Raichu is coming for the kill) Your mama and papa can't be far.
Sailor Mini Moon:There they are.(Raichu is still coing to kill Sailor Mini Moon.) Can you run?(Pikachu runs away) Goodbye. Goodbye.(Sailor Mini Moon turns around and scream. Raichu has got the knife, Sailor Mini Moon defends herself and Raichu drops it)
Raichu:I can't! I can't do it!(grabs Sailor Mini Moon's skirt) Forgive me. I beg of Your Highness, forgive me.
Sailor Mini Moon:I don't understand.
Raichu:He's mad! Jealous of you! He'll stop at nothin'!
Sailor Mini Moon:But-- But who?
Sailor Mini Moon:Lucario?
Raichu:Now, quick, child, run! Run away, hide! In the woods! Anywhere! Never come back! Now, go! Go! Go! Run! Run! Hide!(Sailor Mini Moon runs into the forest. she moves the vines away, got scared by Noctowl and the flock of Zubat. and, Sailor Mini Moon is trapped by the Scary Trees)

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