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The Hylia Anime

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Port of Return (Kao An) Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Port of Return (Kao An) Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 15
Total Filesize: 139.65 MB
Date added: Aug 24th, 2016

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1. Bian Jing Piao Liu (Drifting at the​Borders) 4:00 9.15 MB
2. Zai Jian Fei Xing Ma Tou (Goodbye Sky​Dock) 9:12 21.04 MB
3. Mei Li yu Chou Lou (The Beautiful and​the Ugly) 5:26 12.43 MB
4. Zhi Nian Lai Xi (Overwhelming​Attachments) 4:12 9.60 MB
5. Piao Fu yu Leng Guang zhong (Drifting in​the Chilling Light) 4:56 11.30 MB
6. Dao Ta de Ta (Crumbling Tower) 2:22 5.41 MB
7. Wu Chuang Xiu Luo Jie (Unintended​Venture into Asura's Realm) 1:24 3.20 MB
8. Fang Xia Zhi Nian (Letting Go of​Attachments) 4:20 9.92 MB
9. Fei Chang Xiang Nian Ta (Dearly Missing​Him) 0:52 2.00 MB
10. Wu Ming zhi Zhan (War of the Avidya) 3:17 7.51 MB
11. Zhong Yin zhi Zhan (War of the Bardo) 3:38 8.32 MB
12. Zi Wo Bu Cun Zai (Ego Non-existence) 7:57 18.21 MB
13. Piao Fu de Meng (Drifting Dream) 2:44 6.25 MB
14. Zuo Meng de Yu (Dreaming Fish) 2:58 6.77 MB
15. Tian Shen de Hua (God's Words) 3:42 8.46 MB

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