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Perfect Blue Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Perfect Blue Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 10
Total Filesize: 55.46 MB
Date added: Nov 23rd, 2006

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1. ai no tenshi 4:19 4.94 MB
2. hitori demo heiki 4:37 5.28 MB
3. mima no theme 5:45 6.58 MB
4. akumu 5:20 6.09 MB
5. baachiya mima 4:50 5.53 MB
6. uchida no theme 4:17 4.90 MB
7. omoide ni dakare te ima wa 5:08 5.86 MB
8. akumu 5:53 6.73 MB
9. baachiya mima 4:39 5.32 MB
10. season 3:40 4.19 MB


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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

The OST for Satoshi Kon's 1998 thriller Perfect Blue, is somewhat of a novelty item. The scores range from Mima's vocal yet generic 90's J pop to dark, Hitchcock like moody scores that reflects the anime's suspenful grim nature. This soundtrack is not exactly one that stays in your mind, but it does retrack memories of the film. A 7 is more than deserving.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10


1998? Man, time sure went by fast, I just watched
it today and it's aswsome. What's up with today's
anime anyway, most of them are just not up there,
with so many of them now days, it's hard to even
find anything worth watching anymore.

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