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The Hylia Anime

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Blood+ OST1

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Album name: Blood+ OST1
Number of Files: 15
Total Filesize: 106.81 MB
Date added: Jun 9th, 2007

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1. Saya's Victory 3:35 8.18 MB
2. Chasing The Enemy 2:02 4.65 MB
3. Saya-Nara 3:32 8.07 MB
4. Being Chased 2:29 5.68 MB
5. BLOOD+ Countdown 2:09 4.91 MB
6. Saya's Daily Life 2:27 5.60 MB
7. Vampire Battle 3:17 7.49 MB
8. Chasing Thru Time 2:05 4.78 MB
9. Saya's Destiny 2:32 5.81 MB
10. Saya's Courage 2:23 5.44 MB
11. The Vampires' Threat 1:21 3.09 MB
12. BLOOD+ The Final Battle 3:43 8.49 MB
13. Saya's Love 3:37 8.29 MB
14. BLOOD+ Grand Theme 6:37 15.14 MB
15. Diva 4:51 11.11 MB


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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I love Blood+ and the soundtrack is beautiful I love Diva its the most amazing out of them all I can't stop listening to it!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

01 - Saya's Victory; Stirring and dramatic. 1:23 to 1:53 seems out of place compared to the rest of the song and the overall theme of the album, but it's an interesting 30 seconds. Considering that a portion of the series is set in Viet Nam may be the only connection.

02 - Chasing the Enemy; The song's Brass, Strings and synthesized percussion instruments add to the tension you imagine a chase scene (or escape scene) to have.

03 - Saya-Nara; Ominous, the protagonist has a dark side to her character that is revealed in desperate battles in which she enters a sort of trance that enhances her focus and shows you her chiropteran nature.

04 - Being Chased; Gives this reviewer a feeling of being pursued by an inescapable force.

05 - Blood+ Countdown; any "countdown" scene could benefit from this piece in the background, adding to the suspense and tension.

06 - Saya's Daily Life; This piece gives you a feeling of relaxation. Placing you in an imaginary safe place where all is calm and cheerful.

07 - Vampire Battle; Dramatic, oppressive and beautiful. All of the "Diva themed" music has this oppressive feel to them, with exception to "15 - Diva.mp3"

08 - Chasing Thru Time; Stirs the imagination. An improved version of "Chasing the enemy" In this reviewers' opinion.

09 - Saya's Destiny; Depressing in the beginning until 0:53 when it picks up to a bit more invigorating and inspirational mood.

10 - Saya's Courage; Slower tempo than "09 - Saya's Destiny" No better or worse. A bit more depressing however.

11 - The Vampire's Threat; Oppressive, like a ship full of slaves being driven to row the oars...

12 - Blood+ The Final battle; Diva's and Saya's themes both mix almost as if they're struggling to achieve dominance (complimentary to the struggle between the two sisters)

13 - Saya's Love; Slow, relaxing stirring emotions of sadness, forlorn or hopelessness.

14 - Blood+ Grand Theme; Nice theme, dramatic and patriotic sounding like a national anthem.

15 - Diva; Beautiful, stunning aria.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Track 13 - Saya's Love is my fav track of all in this album. the mix of emotions felt reminds me of Saya and Hagi. I love them both!!!

Track 14 - Grand Theme reminds me of another anime that is X - Destiny. These two anime's grand theme is really GREAT! Very grand orchestra with great compositions for their theme!

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