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Basquash! ED2 Single - Futari no Yakusoku

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Album name: Basquash! ED2 Single - Futari no Yakusoku
Number of Files: 4
Total Filesize: 45.24 MB
Date added: May 9th, 2017

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[FLAC+MP3] 01 Futari no Yakusoku.mp3 11.50 MB 35.01 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 02 Hoshi Watari.mp3 11.19 MB 26.35 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 03 Futari no Yakusoku [off vocal ver.].mp3 11.49 MB 34.15 MB
[FLAC+MP3] 04 Hoshi Watari [off vocal ver.].mp3 11.04 MB 23.29 MB

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