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Unfortunately, due to the amount of spam we are getting, I had to disable forums! If you have a matter that needs attention, want to contact me for any reason, or have any questions about donating, please contact me through the contact form

Thank you, and remember, this website has no advertising and exists only thanks to your donations. If you haven't already, please consider donating


Unfortunately, due to large server expenses we are not able to accomodate lots of consecutive downloads for all users. To be able to download more than 10 files in any 24 hour perion, you are now required to be a donating member. Please support this site if you use it a lot.

Currently this website costs $1432 per month for 8 servers. We have no advertising. It runs only thanks to your donations.

You can become a donating member by going here.

If you were getting an HTML page by clicking "Save Target As", this is why.

Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Why? Why?? WHY???
Ultimately, the problem is server abuse. If everybody just downloaded episodes as they watched them, there would be no problems.

Unfortunately, at least several people per day take it upon themselves to try to download hundreds, even thousands of GBs of data. A couple of people with a very good internet connection can cause a gigantic slowdown and use up tons of bandwidth. This is why limits had to put into place.

Q: If I donate, how long does it take for my donation to be credited so I can download more episodes?
Your account is credited instantly. If you don't proceed back to our site after payment, it may take an hour. If you paid by the means of an eCheck, your account will be credited when payment clears.

Q: I haven't downloaded 10 episodes in 24 hours, but the site says I have, and I can't download any more. HELP!
This can happen, especially if you are on a shared or dynamic IP address. There's really nothing to do other than wait 24 hours or donate.


Downloading albums song by song is available for everyone. Mass downloads are very server intensive, so they are restricted to donating members only - click here to donate.
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