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Slam Dunk

Files: 101
Air date: October 15th, 1993
End date: March 22nd, 1996
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: The Birth of a Genius Basketman? 96 MB 19:15japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 2: The Hell with Basketball! Hanamichi vs Rukawa 231 MB 22:36japaneseSaizen Fansubs
Episode 3: Gorilla vs Hanamichi! Final Confrontation 104 MB 21:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 4: Basketman Hanamichi Gets in! 232 MB ?japaneseSaizen Fansubs
Episode 5: Unspirited Afternoon 106 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 6: Rukawa vs Akagi, Real Confrontation! 231 MB ?japaneseSaizen Fansubs
Episode 7: Hanamichi`s Debut! Dunk Explosion 119 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 8: Hanamichi`s in a Pinch! The Judo Guy`s Trick 230 MB ?japaneseSaizen Fansubs
Episode 9: I Will Play Basketball! 94 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 10: It`s Hard to Shoot around Others 107 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 11: Love`s Secret Rules Just for Couples 102 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 12: Beat Ryonan! Tough Rules the Night before the Game 98 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 13: Shohoku vs. Ryonan, Blazing Captains! 134 MB 21:04japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 14: Super High School Level! Ryonan`s Fierce Attack 121 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 15: Secret Weapon Hanamichi Steps Into The Spotlight 128 MB 22:33japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 16: What`s With Him!? Taoka`s Error 135 MB 22:34japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 17: Rebound King, Sakuragi Hanamichji`s Agony 135 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 18: Last 2 Minutes! I Will Beat Sendo 130 MB 22:37japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 19: Time`s Up! The Game with Ryonan Is Settled 113 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 20: Basketball Shoes 107 MB 21:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 21: Super Problems! Hanamichi vs. Miyagi 113 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 22: The Fool with the Worst Record, A Combination is B 112 MB 22:34japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 23: Shohoku Basketball Team`s Last Day 112 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 24: The Allies of Justice, Sakuragi`s Army Visits 121 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 25: The Guy Who Wanted to Conquer the World 111 MB 22:33japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 26: Mitsui`s Peak, Trouble at 15 121 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 27: I Want to Play Basketball! 112 MB 22:34japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 28: The Beginning of Interhigh Preliminaries 108 MB 22:39japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 29: Hanamichi! Pennant Race Debut 127 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 30: The Introspective Army`s Big Counterattack 114 MB 22:37japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 31: Formidable Enemy Miuradai`s Secret Weapon 117 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 32: Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death Dunk 141 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 33: Walkout King!? Sakuragi`s Righteousness 114 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 34: Gorilla`s Initiation, Kill with Your Eyes! 116 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 35: Hot Blooded Guys 124 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 36: A Well Seeded School, Enter Shoyo 121 MB 22:39japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 37: Hanamichi, The Taste of a Starting Member 117 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 38: Rukawa`s Counterattack! 122 MB 20:58japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 39: Lightning Flash Ryota! 144 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 40: Rebound King, Sakuragi Hanamichi 118 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 41: Coach Takes To The Court 119 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 42: Shoyo Ace Fujima`s Real Ability 140 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 43: Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!? 130 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 44: Mitsui! Stormy 3 Points 136 MB 22:41japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 45: Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi`s Pinch 136 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 46: Hanamichi, Hot Dunk 139 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 47: Challenge from a Rival 152 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 48: The Guy Who Pledged to Defeat Kainan 134 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 49: Takezono, Last Fight 148 MB 22:40japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 50: Challenge to the King 155 MB 22:36japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 51: Outside Accounts!? Hanamichi at His Best! 161 MB 22:35japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 52: Sakuragi`s Confinement`s Secret Weapon 149 MB 22:32japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 53: The Gorilla`s Injury! Desperate Situation!? 145 MB 20:47japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 54: King Kong, Younger Brother 183 MB 22:32japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 55: The Guy Who Dominates the Game 157 MB 22:32japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 56: Ace Shepherd, Full Throttle 136 MB 22:33japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 57: Anzai, Bet on Victory! 112 MB 22:33japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 58: Stubborn Guys! 126 MB 22:32japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 59: Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion 131 MB 22:31japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 60: The Cliff Edge of Shohoku 122 MB 22:30japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 61: Bozu`s Counterattack 120 MB 22:31japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 62: Three Days of Special Training 147 MB 26:01japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 63: The Ultimate Battle! Kainan vs. Ryonan 121 MB 20:54japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 64: Kainan rebounds! 125 MB 20:48japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 65: The Strongest Rival 129 MB 20:46japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 66: Sendoh`s scheme 124 MB 22:18japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 67: The final battle! 124 MB 22:17japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 68: Sakuragi Hanamichi comes to rescue! 137 MB 22:18japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 69: Gorilla Dunk I 136 MB 22:19japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 70: Gorilla Dunk II 130 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 71: Gorilla revives! 126 MB 22:17japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 72: The greatest shame of one`s life 124 MB 22:19japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 73: Rukawa Kaede, gambling on the 2nd half 130 MB 22:18japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 74: The most dangerous challenger! 133 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 75: Peak Performance 133 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 76: The Feeling of Victory 128 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 77: You guys are strong! 132 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 78: Uozumi Revives 129 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 79: Blue waves - Ryonan attacks back! 131 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 80: Shohoku`s problems 131 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 81: Sendoh`s on fire! Shohoku`s breaking down! 131 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 82: Beginner Hanamichi Shows Some Skills! 133 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 83: Assistant Captain, Megane-kun`s tenacity 130 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 84: Victory or Defeat! 135 MB 22:29japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 85: New Challenge! Conquer the Nation 126 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 86: Rukawa`s Ambition 133 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 87: The #1 High School Student 150 MB 22:20japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 88: The country of basketball, America 143 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 89: Rukawa`s Competitive Force 151 MB 01:52japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 90: The Real Star Player of Shohoku 171 MB 22:20japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 91: Nationals are at stake! 107 MB 21:51japaneseuNF
Episode 92: Male Friendship!? Sakuragi Squad 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 93: The Challenge of Twenty Thousand 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 94: Intensive Battle with Shizuoka! Shohoku vs Jousei 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 95: Hanamichi`s Hottest Day 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 96: Basketball Shoes Part II 107 MB 21:50japaneseuNF
Episode 97: Mixed Feelings, Uozumi returns 107 MB 21:51japaneseuNF
Episode 98: Shohoku vs. Shoyo/Ryonan 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 99: Facing the strongest team, Shohoku in danger! 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 100: The one who brought forth a miracle - Sakuragi! 107 MB 21:52japaneseuNF
Episode 101: SLAM DUNK! 107 MB 21:51japaneseuNF

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