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The Hylia Anime

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Total Episodes: 42944
Total Archive Size: 9731 GB

Total Albums: 6006
Total Songs: 75972
Total Album Size: 451 GB

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Saint Seiya

Files: 114
Air date: October 10th, 1986
End date: March 31st, 1989
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: Revive! Legendary Hero! 282 MB 24:21japaneseAznAnime
Episode 2: Burn! Pegasus Shooting Star Fist 214 MB 24:22japaneseAznAnime
Episode 3: Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Land! 179 MB 23:48japaneseAznAnime
Episode 4: Dragon! Invincible Fist and Shield! 179 MB 23:48japaneseAznAnime
Episode 5: Revived by a miracle! The cosmos of friendship! 175 MB 21:14japaneseAznAnime
Episode 6: Phoenix! The warrior who has been through Hell! 180 MB 21:15japaneseAznAnime
Episode 7: Stolen! Golden Cloth 170 MB 21:15japaneseAznAnime
Episode 8: Destroy! The Dark Phoenix Army! 175 MB 21:15japaneseAznAnime
Episode 9: Strong Enemy! The four Dark Saint Kings appear 175 MB 21:17japaneseAznAnime
Episode 10: Beware Shiryu! The Grave of the Saint Cloths 176 MB 23:51japaneseAznAnime
Episode 11: Duel! The Terrifying Black Fist of Death 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 12: Grab On! The Nebula Chain of Friendship 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 13: Burn! Flaming Attack! 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 14: Defeated! Genma Ken! 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 15: Revealed! Ikki`s Secret! 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 16: Gigantic! Docrates Fierce Attack 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 17: Rescue! Saori`s Crisis 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 18: Great Rage! The Ghost Saints of Carribean 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 19: Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Makaito 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 20: Serious Battle! Shaina`s Counter Attack 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 21: Heartless! Clash of Aurora 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 22: Rebirth from the Flames! Indestructible Ikki 175 MB 23:51japaneseAznAnime
Episode 23: Silver Saint! The Proud Assassin 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 24: Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 25: Fight! The rise of Athena! 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 26: Are they friends or enemies! 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 27: Seiya becomes stone! 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 28: Shiryu Fights Back! 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 29: Kidnap! Crows Legion Seize Saori 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 30: Burn! Cosmo of Love 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 31: Magic prodigy! The boundary of life and death 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 32: Great Bomb in Death Queen Island! 176 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 33: The fight between dragon and tiger! The tears without light of dragon 176 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 34: Farewell, my friend! Peace to your ashes! 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 35: The Travel of Death! Dragon sees the Light Again 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 36: Amazing! Against Twelve Gold Clothes 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 37: The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death? 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 38: Fight Violently! Gold Stole 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 39: Velocity of Light!The Powerful Beyond Mach 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 40: Go! Our New Trip 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 41: The battle starts in Sanctuary! Athena`s biggest crisis 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 42: The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 43: Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 44: Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness 175 MB 23:49japaneseAznAnime
Episode 45: Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 46: Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense in One 175 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 47: Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, oh Noble Warrior 174 MB 23:50japaneseAznAnime
Episode 48: Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death 174 MB 23:34japaneseAznAnime
Episode 49: Love! Shunrei`s Prayer 174 MB 23:35japaneseAznAnime
Episode 50: Rise, Dragon! Shiryu`s Raging Cosmo 174 MB 23:35japaneseAznAnime
Episode 51: Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs 174 MB 23:34japaneseAznAnime
Episode 52: Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist 175 MB 23:37japaneseAznAnime
Episode 53: That Man! Cassios Dies for Love 212 MB
Episode 54: Ikki! Phoenix's Blazing Wings 213 MB
Episode 55: Fellowship of Harm! Athena's Cry 226 MB
Episode 56: Shaka! Most Sacred Saint 213 MB
Episode 57: Aiolia's Fear! The Open Eyes of Shaka 213 MB
Episode 58: Hero! Ikki Destroyed For Brotherly Love 213 MB
Episode 59: Revive Swan! Life, Death, and Love 213 MB
Episode 60: Hyoga's Return! At Risk of Life 146 MB
Episode 61: Surrender or Die! Scorpion vs. Swan 213 MB
Episode 62: Forge Ahead Hyoga! Proud and Brave 213 MB
Episode 63: Be Heard! Sanctuary's Gold Cloth 212 MB
Episode 64: Young Men! You are worthy of Athena 213 MB
Episode 65: Growling Excalibur! Shura vs. Dragon 212 MB
Episode 66: Shiryu! Vanish Like a Star 212 MB
Episode 67: Farewell! My teacher, my friends 213 MB
Episode 68: Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite 213 MB
Episode 69: Demon Roses! Sweet Fragrance of Death 213 MB
Episode 70: Peace! Shun's Last Smile 212 MB
Episode 71: Fire is going out In the Furnace! True Face of the Pope 213 MB
Episode 72: Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends 217 MB
Episode 73: Gather, Friends! Toward Athena 213 MB
Episode 74: Enemies of the Northern Pole! The Legendary God Warriors 227 MB
Episode 75: Hilda! Goddess Imprisoned by Evil 227 MB
Episode 76: Great Giant Thor! Hatred of Cosmo 227 MB
Episode 77: Giant's Tears! Dying For Hilda's Cause 227 MB
Episode 78: Bared Fangs! Northern Wolf Fenrir 227 MB
Episode 79: Sorrow! Fate of the Northern Wolf Pack Blow 227 MB
Episode 80: Flowing Snowfield! Sad Howling 227 MB
Episode 81: Freya! Love Tells of the Life/Death Struggle 227 MB
Episode 82: Dancing Swan! Scorching Hell in the Ice 227 MB
Episode 83: Bewitching Harp! The Prelude of Death Tempts Shun 227 MB
Episode 84: Decree of Death! String Requiem 227 MB
Episode 85: Hero's Grief! Frozen Hatred 227 MB
Episode 86: Phoenix! Crimson Blazing Wings 226 MB
Episode 87: Demon's Amethyst! Saint's Cemetery 226 MB
Episode 88: Sword of Flame! Dreadful Ambition 226 MB
Episode 89: Impossible Viciousness! Forest of Spirits 226 MB
Episode 90: Don't Look Back, Seiya! Cosmo of the Rising Dragon 227 MB
Episode 91: Glow Shun! Hidden Puzzle of the Dark Fang 226 MB
Episode 92: Swirl! Shun's Desperate Use of the Nebula Storm 227 MB
Episode 93: Bud! Fate of the Twin Stars 227 MB
Episode 94: Bond of Brotherhood! Syd Rests with his Ancestors 226 MB
Episode 95: Hero of Noble Spirit! Legendary Knight Reborn 226 MB
Episode 96: Dragon Against Dragon! A Fraction of a Second Leads to Victory 227 MB
Episode 97: Siren! Beautiful Melody of Death 227 MB
Episode 98: Appearance of a Miracle! Odin Robe 227 MB
Episode 99: Athena! Eternal Prayer of Noble Spirits 253 MB
Episode 100: The Emperor of the seas, Poseidon! Holy War Once Again 227 MB
Episode 101: Smash! Mammoth Pillars of the Seven Seas 227 MB
Episode 102: Mysterious Shine! Golden Bronze Cloths 227 MB
Episode 103: Dangerous Shun! Dreadful Fangs of the Demon Beast 227 MB
Episode 104: Death of the Demon Beast! Indestructible Golden Chains 227 MB
Episode 105: Excalibur! In the right arm lies Shura's Spirit 241 MB
Episode 106: The Dream Was in Vain! The Was the Scent of Death 240 MB
Episode 107: Hunter of Hearts! Heartless Lymnades 240 MB
Episode 108: Isaac! A Cold Hearted Man 240 MB
Episode 109: Hang in There Kiki! A Sorrowful Death Battle 253 MB
Episode 110: Listen! The Beautiful Singing of Athena 227 MB
Episode 111: Friends! Until Death Do Us Part 227 MB
Episode 112: Two Souls! Mystery of Poseidon's Resurrection 227 MB
Episode 113: Shoot Poseidon! The Golden Arrow 227 MB
Episode 114: Shine, Stars of Friendship! Eternal Legend of Youth 227 MB

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