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Ojamajo Doremi

Files: 51
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: My name is Doremi, I`m going to become a witch`s apprentice!! 180 MB 24:40japaneseFans of Tenchi
Episode 2: I will become Hazuki-chan! 168 MB 24:10japaneseFans of Tenchi
Episode 3: Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko makes her debut! 229 MB 24:11japaneseChiZeTo Fansubs
Episode 4: Everyone becomes a Witch! 229 MB 24:12japaneseChiZeTo Fansubs
Episode 5: Grand Opening! MAHO-Dou 237 MB 24:12japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 6: A Lie is the Beginning of Friendship 237 MB 24:10japaneseChiZeTo Fansubs
Episode 7: Aim for Level 9! Witch Exam 176 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 8: Let`s visit the Magic World! 175 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 9: Where did the magic Dodo go? 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 10: Pinch! The Teacher Found Out! 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 11: Early Riser Marina, and a Bouquet from the Heart 174 MB 24:12japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 12: The Wish Made With the Beloved Shirt 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 13: Everyone fails at the test for 8th grade!? 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 14: Laugh and Forgive Me!? 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 15: Maho Rica Goes to Kindergarten 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 16: Fishing for Love 177 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 17: Yada-kun is a Delinquent? 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 18: You shouldn`t use the forbidden magic! 175 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 19: Hatsuki-chan was kidnapped! 174 MB 24:13japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 20: A rival appears! The Magic Shop is in trouble! 170 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 21: Majorka Goods is in big trouble 169 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 22: The long road to being a 6th-grade witch 169 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 23: Big comeback!? Doremi`s trial 170 MB 24:11japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 24: Majorka vs. 6th-grade witches 171 MB 24:11japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 25: Ojamajo Pop`s Arrival!? 173 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 26: We are the Pureleine! 172 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 27: It`s Oyajiide`s doing!? 170 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 28 217 MB
Episode 29 175 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 30 172 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 31 167 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 32 166 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 33: Panic at the sports festival 167 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 34: I Want to See My Mother! 168 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 35: The transfer student is a witch`s apprentice!? 167 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 36: The Level 4 Exam is DODODODODO! 169 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 37 168 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 38 169 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 39: Soremi`s boyfriend is a junior high student? 172 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 40: The 3rd grade magic test. A piece of cake for Doremi? 169 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 41 172 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 42 169 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 43: Memories of papa, fireworks and tears 168 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 44: I want to become a female pro wrestler! 169 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 45: Helping Santa! 169 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 46: The Witches` Talent Show! 168 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 47: Father`s Arranged Marriage Meeting 168 MB 24:10japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 48: Onpu`s mail is a love letter? 169 MB 24:11japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 49 168 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 50: The last witch`s apprentice test 168 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko
Episode 51: Farewell, Maho-dou 166 MB ?japaneseNaDejiko

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