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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 2153
Total Episodes: 31578
Total Archive Size: 6986 GB

Total Albums: 1750
Total Songs: 24042
Total Album Size: 143 GB

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Lord of Lords Ryu Knight

Files: 52
End date: March 27th, 1995
Type: TV Series


    Length Watch Download  
Episode 1: I`m Adeu! The Chivalry Boy Makes His Appearance 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 2: Is the Ninja an Ally? Another Ryu Wielder. 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 3: Paffy Saves the Day! A Mage Princess 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 4: Full Speed with the Chivalry! The Targeted Ryu Users! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 5: The First Loss! - The Great Guy within the Forest! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 6: Adeu`s Re-Match! - The Opponent is Ryu Chief! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 7: The stolen Ryu! - Big disaster at the elf village 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 8: The Enemy is a group of Beautiful Girls! - The Blockade before the River! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 9: The Fearsome Dungeon! - Ryu Knight Can`t Move?! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 10: Battle at the underground palace! - Break thru the opening!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 11: Hes appeared! It`s the Knight of Darkness! - And his Dark Ryu Knight! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 12: Defeat Galden! - Decisive Battle at the Castle of Ice! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 13: Lots of Ghosts! The Trump Card is Izumi? 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 14: Get into Position, Ryu Samurai! Straight down the road of Bushido!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 15: We meet again, Gratches! - Friendship bound In flame!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 16: The Goblins Have Shown u!! Lying Katze`s Huge Profit! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 17: The Stolen Kingdom! Paffy`s Disheartening Return Home! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 18: Recapture Phahuricia Castle! - Will yo my command, Magic Sword of Hatred 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 19: The Door in the Uncharted! Battle in the Sea of Clouds! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 20: Save Paffy! Idoro`s Dark Grasp over Magic! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 21: Trap at the Oasis! Showdown Time!! The Desert Machine Fortress! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 22: Appearance of the Mysterious Beautiful Swordsman! Just who is he-hagu!? 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 23: The Voyage that calls Forth Death. Adeu`s Reunion With his Father! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 24: The Helldragon Tribe Has Landed!! The Fearsome Invaders. 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 25: I can see it! The Temple of Time and The Path of a Paladin! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 26: Steru`s Fierce Attack!! The Cornered Ryus! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 27: I`ve done it! A Perfect Sword Technique, the Explosive Meteor Zapper!! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 28: A New Ally. The Entrance of the Mysterious Gunman!! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 29: The Trap that Invites Ryus! The Counterattack of a Thousand Years! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 30: Get back the Spirit Sword. The Sword Master VS Gesshin!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 31: Fight on, Sarutobi! The Rebirth of the Yamikaze Legend! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 32: Burn up, Sarutobi! Bakuretsumaru, Full Power!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 33: Paffy, Shocked! Re-awaken, Ryu Rider! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 34: You`re up, Katze! The Kiddy Treasure Hunt! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 35: A Challenge for the Brave! Izumi Faces Off With His Master!? 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 36: Tragic Galden! The Revealed Past of the Black Knight! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 37: Horribly Frightening! A New Enemy! The Heartless Doom Soldier! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 38: Malevolent Galden! Idoro`s Final Onslaught! 23:05 Download (174MB)
Episode 39: The Two Knights! Adeu VS Galden!! 23:06 Download (176MB)
Episode 40: Gather, Ryu Riders! The Unveiled Mysteries of Earth Tear!! 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 41: Fly, Paladin! Defeat the Powerful Dooms!! 23:04 Download (175MB)
Episode 42: Gratches` Decision. The Destruction of Eldogia!? 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 43: Transform, Magidora! Welcome in Ryu Wizard!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 44: The Destiny of the Ryu Users. The Controlled Dark Knight!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 45: Galden`s Resolve. Bakuretsumaru`s Class Change!! 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 46 23:06 Download (175MB)
Episode 47 23:06 Download (170MB)
Episode 48 23:06 Download (170MB)
Episode 49 23:07 Download (175MB)
Episode 50 23:05 Download (175MB)
Episode 51 23:04 Download (170MB)
Episode 52 22:34 Download (175MB)

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