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The Hylia Anime

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Total Episodes: 43089
Total Archive Size: 9729 GB

Total Albums: 6036
Total Songs: 75984
Total Album Size: 449 GB

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Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

Files: 108
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: The Lightning Boy from the Mamodo World! 234 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 2: A Freezing Spell! 227 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 3: The Second Spell! 227 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 4: The Great Mamodo Battle! 227 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 5: The Dark Mamodo! 228 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 6: The Missing Red Book! 232 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 7: Botanical Badness! 232 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 8: A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu 234 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 9: The Third Spell! 227 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 10: The Elite Mamodo 230 MB 23:30japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 11: The Invincible Folgore! 230 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 12: Sherry`s Rhapsody of Life 230 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 13: The Rematch: Zatch and Hyde Meet Again 228 MB 23:03japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 14: The Tomboy and the Pop Star 229 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 15: A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia 229 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 16: The Invulnerable Robnos 227 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 17: Kiyo`s Curry Summer Vacation 230 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire & ... nsubs
Episode 18: London Calling 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 19: The Dark Lord of the Cursed Castle 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 20: The Flowers of Evil 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 21: Another Zatch 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 22: The Dancing Mamodo 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 23: Go For It, Ponygon! 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 24: Apollo, the Free Traveler 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 25: Apollo, The Free Traveler - Part 2 174 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 26: A Day With Zatch 174 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 27: My Son, Danny. 174 MB 23:09japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 28: Tio and Megumi`s Great Adventure. 175 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 29: Fierce Fighting! Theme Park Battle! 175 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 30: Gash and Tio. The Ultimate Combination 186 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 31: The Story of the Demonic Mirror. The Cute Transfer Student 170 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 32: The Story of the Demonic Mirror. Shion`s Tragic Secret 175 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 33: The Story of the Demonic Mirror. When the Three Pieces Reunite. 174 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Empire
Episode 34: The Story of the Demonic Mirror. Red Tears By The Setting Sun 230 MB 23:04japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 35: The Story of the Demonic Mirror. The Blazing Heat Of The Final Battle 230 MB 23:05japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 36: Fierce Battle! Gash Vs Naomi 230 MB 23:05japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 37: Feel With Power Of Love! A Pure Loving Lady From Hong Kong 228 MB 23:09japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 38: Iron Fist of Love! Gou Bauren 228 MB 23:05japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 39: Dead End! Invisible Hunter 228 MB 23:05japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 40: Kanchome Becomes an Elder Brother 224 MB 23:10japaneseVulcan 300
Episode 41: Big Reversal! Invincible Kanchome 220 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & Vulcan300
Episode 42: Callous Enemies Zeon and Dyufo 221 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & Vulcan300
Episode 43: Righteous Hero Praying Mantis Joe 221 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & Vulcan300
Episode 44: Barley`s Letter Of Challenge 221 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & Vulcan300
Episode 45: Endless Duel Till Death! Gash Vs Barley 240 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 46: Umagon In Crisis!? 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 47: Snow Field In Chaos!! Style Of The King 233 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 48: Demon Gradually Approaches! Mystery of the Stone Tablet 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 49: Mysterious Professor and 12 Assassins 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 50: Initiate! The Sixth Spell, Rauzaruku!! 232 MB 23:11japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 51: Forced Attack!! Masked Demon, Lord 232 MB 22:50japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 52: My Dear Gash! I Am Patie! 232 MB 24:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 53: Gademu!! Enraged Water Dragon 232 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 54: Park Fight! Gash Vs Kiyomaro!? 232 MB 24:28japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 55: Patie`s Revenge!! Release OF Assassins 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 56: Ray of hope - Saifojio 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 57: Battle On Sand Field! Brago Vs Three Silencing Warriors 229 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 58: Overthrow Lord! Respective decision 232 MB 23:08japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 59: Penetrates The Taeboro Vestige! Kanchome Big Battle!! 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 60: Attack and defense! Turbulent Current Labyrinth 230 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 61: The tragic curse of a thousand years 234 MB 23:11japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 62: The Shocking V! Very Melon!! 223 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 63: Buraaah!! Chaguru of a Gentleman`s Anger 223 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 64: Fierce Attack of Dalumos! Death Match on the Sand 233 MB 22:50japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 65: Meru Meru Meh! Umagon`s Lightning Speed!! 233 MB 22:50japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 66: Protect With Your Life! The Entrusted Red Demon Book 233 MB 22:50japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 67: The Splendid Majestic 12 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 68: Running Wildly!? Tio`s Big Confession Plan! 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 69: Crushing Attack! Wicked Zophise`s Ambition 235 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 70: Imminent Peril! The Four Heavenly Kings Block the Way! 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 71: Especially If There Is Love... Howl Strong! Raou Daibauren of Sadness 226 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 72: Sing, sing! The terrifying Belgim EO 225 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 73: Thank You My King, Mikoruo Ma Zegaruga 232 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 74: Dancing Flashes of Light! Aloof Warrior, Pamoon 222 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... uriki
Episode 75: Break Free! Sealed a Thousand Years, Memory of Humiliation 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... uriki
Episode 76: No Escape! Cruel Zophise appears again 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... uriki
Episode 77: Sherry`s Magnificent Rondo. Explode, Baberuga Gurabidon! 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... uriki
Episode 78: Can`t return anymore! Reira`s lonely darkness 231 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... uriki
Episode 79: The Wriggling Fiend. The Final of the Four Heavenly Kings Appears 231 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 80: The Monster Demoruto! The Hair-Raising Roar 231 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 81: Seeking the Light to Victory... The Surging Two`s Fighting Spirit 231 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 82: Selfish Patie, Suou Giakuru of Parting Regrets!! 231 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 83: Reach, Burning Feelings! The Seventh Spell, Zaguruzemu!! 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 84: Evil Beast Demoruto, Final Deciding Battle!! 232 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 85: Perplexed Sherry, the bond that cannot be severed 237 MB 23:32japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 86: Zophise`s counterattack Friendship`s last battle! 228 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 87: Thoughts to Reach Koko! Sherry`s Full Strength Dioga Gurabidon!! 227 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 88: Sherry, Brago A new departure 228 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 89: New Year Special The magnificent V appears again!! 176 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 90: I am back...And then a tempest test battle 176 MB 23:09japaneseAnime-Destiny & ... twork
Episode 91: The pursue of Naomi-chan!!! 176 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 92: My Dear Kid, Professor Riddle`s New Vow 176 MB 23:10japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 93: The voice from the strange world! The fate of the demons!! 176 MB ?japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 94: The door of the strange world! Strongest duel, Gash vs Brago 176 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 95: Exile in the strange world! Attack from the army! 176 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 96: The duel in the strange world, when Brago`s without Sherry 175 MB ?japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 97: The leader of the strange world, vengeance of the fanged Maestro 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 98: The duel in the strange world, Gash and Brago`s two great mysterious explosions 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 99: The love and youth of Mr Mommon, Kiyomaro`s disastrous defeat 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 100: Grope It, Folgore! The Bagpipe of Love and Sorrow 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 101: A New Threat. The Boy Who Talks of the Wind. Baou Eradication. 233 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 102: Moonlit Night`s Disturbance! Fist of Friendship! Earth`s One-hit Certain Kill! 226 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 103: Ted`s Blues - The Girl in the Wind - Fate`s Reunion 176 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 104: Her Rival Is an Idol - A Spark of Love - Suzume`s Victory?? 176 MB 22:49japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 105: Q Attack! Q Ultimate Transformation? My Name Is Coral Q 175 MB 22:49japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 106: Pinch Arrival - Q Counterattack! All the Spells Forceout!? 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 107: Lightning Chain! Final Evolution!? Baou Renewal! 175 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Destiny
Episode 144: We Are Kings, Kanchome and Momon, Defeat Keys! 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Destiny

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