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The Hylia Anime

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Hunter X Hunter

Files: 62
Air date: October 15th, 1999 1F50
End date: March 30th, 2001
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: Boy Going on a Journey x Leaving x Sound of the Wind 181 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 2: Encounter x Intimidation x Departure 190 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 3: Pride x Stormy Island x Duel 188 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 4: Decision x Shortcut x Long Way 220 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 5: Lie x Truth? x Kiriko 128 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 6: Steak x Marathon x Exam Begins 192 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 7: Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap 198 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 8: Magician x Smile x Wild Animal Warning 199 MB 23:04japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 9: Menchi x Seriously Pissed x Second Exam? 189 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 10: Failing Score x Panic x Voice from Heaven 192 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 11: Explore x Sports Spirit x Stowaway 192 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 12: Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua 171 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 13: Agree x Disagree x Trap 175 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 14: Candle x Policy x Internal Discord 201 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 15: Transient x Life x Majitani 188 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 16: Rock x Scissor x Heart 201 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 17: Three People? x Five People? x Last Choice 197 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 18: Treasure x Memory x Hotel Room 204 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 19: Separation x Diary x Water Inflow 175 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 20: Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush 169 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 21: 4th Exam x 44 x Number of Death 219 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 22: Found Him x Hide x Catch Up! 196 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 23: Hisoka x Crash x Gon 208 MB 23:05japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 24: Damage x Resume x Fake Smile 174 MB 23:06japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 25: Slimy x Stingy x Inside a Cave 217 MB 23:07japaneseAnime-Kissaten
Episode 26: President x Interview x Paper Test 168 MB 23:05japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 27: Hisoka x Kurapica x The Spider`s Whisper 169 MB 23:07japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 28: Chat x Excuses x Comparing Guts 168 MB 23:05japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 29: Passed! x Failed? x End of Exams 168 MB 23:06japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 30: Killua x Drop Out x Turn Back with Force 168 MB 23:06japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 31: Dismissed x Party x Enemies are Bound to Meet 170 MB 23:06japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 32: Tour x Tourist Attraction x Killua`s House 170 MB 23:06japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 33: Training x Hound x Concerted Effort 177 MB 22:51japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 34: Skateboard X Probatior X Real Intention 172 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 35: Killua X Punishment X Family Conference 181 MB 22:52japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 36: Coin X Reunion X Change of Clothes 181 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 37: Sky X Tournament X Fighter Participation 181 MB 22:51japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 38: Nen X Nen X Ren 178 MB 22:51japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 39: Technique X Registration X Combat Begins 198 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 40: Two Months X Rest X With Nen Restrict Nen 198 MB 22:51japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 41: Bungee X Punch X One Round Match 198 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 42: Hisoka`s Love X Fight X Gon`s Real Strength 198 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 43: Talent X Distraught X Nature of Killing 216 MB 22:51japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 44: Waste X Decision X Exam Results? 197 MB 22:49japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 45: Restriction X Oath X Chain of Punishment 197 MB 22:52japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 46: I`m Home X Welcome Home X I`m Killua 197 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 47: Father X Secret X Confession 197 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 48: Kurapica X Black Eyes X First Job 197 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 49: Heartbeat X Kurapica X Dousing Chain 207 MB 22:49japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 50: Killua X 1000 X Hunter`s Bar 200 MB 22:50japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 51: Spider X York Shin X Everybody Together 201 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 52: Underground Auction X Annihilation X Machine Gun 200 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 53: Ryodan X Iniyuu X Community 201 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 54: Hisoka X Alliance X Eliminate Spiders 200 MB 22:58japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 55: Ubo X Kurapica X Senritsu`s Conscience 201 MB 23:03japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 56: Scarlet Eyes X Final Battle X Cost of Life 198 MB 22:58japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 57: Gon X Treasure X Dangerous Man 198 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 58: Gon X Killua X Lethal Pursuit 198 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 59: Spider`s Nest X Captured X Assassin Technique 198 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 60: Kurapica X Secret Assassins X Zoaldyeck 198 MB 23:00japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 61: Spider Reunion X Zoaldyeck Family X Final Battle 198 MB 22:59japaneseAKU Fansubs
Episode 62: Kurapica X Friends X Spider`s Doom 207 MB 24:06japaneseAKU Fansubs

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