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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 2153
Total Episodes: 31578
Total Archive Size: 6986 GB

Total Albums: 1750
Total Songs: 24042
Total Album Size: 143 GB

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Honey and Clover

Files: 26
Type: TV Series


    Length Watch Download  
Special 001: Chapter L (Episode 25) 22:31 Download (176MB)
Special 002: Chapter F (Episode 26) 22:29 Download (175MB)
Episode 1: The Day It All Began 22:39 Download (171MB)
Episode 2: The two affections start to turn 22:39 Download (172MB)
Episode 3: These were two unrequited loves 22:39 Download (172MB)
Episode 4: The boy and girl are swayed 22:39 Download (172MB)
Episode 5: I think of my mother in my hometown 22:59 Download (173MB)
Episode 6: The past, the tears, the confession 22:39 Download (171MB)
Episode 7: We look for a miracle 22:59 Download (173MB)
Episode 8: Because I Can`t Leave You Alone 22:39 Download (170MB)
Episode 9: That brooch was so heavy 22:59 Download (164MB)
Episode 10: We Fly Across the Sky 22:59 Download (173MB)
Episode 11: Love pushes us around 22:59 Download (171MB)
Episode 12: The sudden kiss, the unexpected parting 22:59 Download (171MB)
Episode 13: All I wanted to hear was that little thing 22:58 Download (171MB)
Episode 14: I touched her in my dream 22:39 Download (161MB)
Episode 15: My cowardly self starts running 22:39 Download (172MB)
Episode 16: The moon is calling her 22:59 Download (174MB)
Episode 17: I don`t even know how I feel 22:59 Download (174MB)
Episode 18: He came back 22:59 Download (171MB)
Episode 19: Time begins to move again 22:59 Download (175MB)
Episode 20: I pray to the moon hovering in the night sky 22:54 Download (173MB)
Episode 21: I`ve always been scared 22:59 Download (174MB)
Episode 22: Like a flower getting wet in the rain 22:59 Download (173MB)
Episode 23: And so, I begin to run 22:59 Download (173MB)
Episode 24: We`re a continuously spinning ferris wheel 22:54 Download (172MB)

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