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Flame of Recca

Files: 42
Air date: July 18th, 1997 1F46
End date: July 9th, 1998
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: A Princess and Her Ninja, The Awakened Power!! 151 MB 22:52japaneseAnimeUnion
Episode 2: Fire and Wind, the Fatal Temptation! 230 MB
Episode 3: The Soldier of Water! The Plane of Revenge! 230 MB
Episode 4: The Maze of Mirror adn the Determined Flame 230 MB
Episode 5: The Mystery of the Hokage Ninja 227 MB
Episode 6: The Dangerous Master of Flame, Kurei! 231 MB
Episode 7: A Deadly Struggle, the Guardian of Stone 230 MB
Episode 8: Room of the Doll! Fuko's Fatal Combat! 231 MB
Episode 9: Devil Domon! Overwhelming Power! 223 MB
Episode 10: The War of Flames! The Fight Between Hokage Descendants 230 MB
Episode 11: Adamantium Blade's Five Different Forms! 230 MB
Episode 12: Kurenai, the Flame of the Angel of Death 231 MB
Episode 13: The Ultimate Flame! Legend of the Fire Dragons 231 MB
Episode 14: The Past is Brought Forward! The Truth of 400 Years Ago! 231 MB
Episode 15: The Curse that Separates Mother and Son 230 MB
Episode 16: Determination to Fight! Recca's Challenge! 231 MB
Episode 17: Hokage's Arrival! The Urubatousatsujin 231 MB
Episode 18: The Opening Battle! Mikagami's Sword 231 MB
Episode 19: Unexploded Iron Fist! Domon's Last Resort 231 MB
Episode 20: Secret of the Maiden's Skin 231 MB
Episode 21: Paper Dance! Breathing in Life! 231 MB
Episode 22: The Terrible Monster has Changed! Kaoru is in Danger! 231 MB
Episode 23: Trial of Life and Death! 231 MB
Episode 24: The Call from the Monster, the Warrior from Hell 231 MB
Episode 25: What an Attack! The Lightning Battle 231 MB
Episode 26: Mokuren has Returned! The Danger of the Human Tree 231 MB
Episode 27: The Reason for her Tear! The Girl with the Hairblade! 231 MB
Episode 28: The Instantaneous Flame, the Flame of Saiha 231 MB
Episode 29: Dangerous Lips! The Madougu of Speech! 231 MB
Episode 30: The Seduction fo the Beautiful. Dangerous Duet! 231 MB
Episode 31: The Cursed Flame! The Past of Kurei 231 MB
Episode 32: The Invisible Enemy! A Horrible Battle 231 MB
Episode 33: Two Dragons! The Stolen Move! 231 MB
Episode 34: Skin Covered in Bruises! Fuko's Tough Fight! 231 MB
Episode 35: Answer to a Maiden's Prayer! The True Power of Fujin 230 MB
Episode 36: The Fire Dragons United! The Enemy Outside the Ring! 231 MB
Episode 37: Escape from the Oblivious Dimension! The Battle of the Other Place! 231 MB
Episode 38: Horror! The Walking Corpse 231 MB
Episode 39: Mikagami Battles. Desperate Ice Sword! 231 MB
Episode 40: Trap of the Evil Woman. The God of Wind is Furious! 231 MB
Episode 41: Fight Again! Recca & Kurei 231 MB
Episode 42: The Deadly Battle! When the Candle of Life Burns out. 226 MB

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