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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 2153
Total Episodes: 31578
Total Archive Size: 6986 GB

Total Albums: 1750
Total Songs: 24042
Total Album Size: 143 GB

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Files: 26


    Length Watch Download  
Episode 1: 出会いは浅葱色 (Blue-Colored Introduction) 25:05 Download (219MB)
Episode 2: 紺碧なるモノマキア(Deep Blue Monomakia) 25:04 Download (219MB)
Episode 3: 鈍色き雲間から(From Dark Gray Clouds) 25:05 Download (220MB)
Episode 4: 虹をもとめて(Searching for the Rainbow) 25:05 Download (221MB)
Episode 5: ソーダ色の空の下(Under the Soda-Colored Sky) 24:59 Download (218MB)
Episode 6: 銀灰の訪人(The Silver Gray Visitor) 24:52 Download (216MB)
Episode 7: 赫赫たる決戦 (The Brilliant Battle) 24:49 Download (218MB)
Episode 8: 海が紫紺に染まる時(The Night When the Sea Turns Dark Blue) 24:38 Download (216MB)
Episode 9: ピンク・フライト(Pink Flight) 24:38 Download (215MB)
Episode 10: 大怪獣、燦爛!(The Giant Monster's Brilliance) 24:39 Download (216MB)
Episode 11: やぶれた傘、闇の雨(A Broken Umbrella and the Dark Rain) 25:02 Download (218MB)
Episode 12: 漆黒からの巣立ち(Fly From the Darkness) 25:02 Download (220MB)
Episode 13: 天井暗黒世界(The Dark Celestial World) 25:02 Download (218MB)
Episode 14: 千紫万紅の果てに…(Lost In Colors) 25:04 Download (233MB)
Episode 15: 極彩サヴマトン・カラー(Gorgeous Submaton Color) 25:00 Download (218MB)
Episode 16: 金ぴかの約束(The Golden Promise) 25:00 Download (217MB)
Episode 17: 未来色をさがせ!(Find the Color of the Future!) 24:43 Download (217MB)
Episode 18: 私は茜に輝いて(Glowing Red) 24:39 Download (217MB)
Episode 19: 仄かな破滅を運ぶ船(The Ship That Brings Destruction) 24:43 Download (217MB)
Episode 20: 雪あかりの下で(In the Light of Snow) 24:56 Download (219MB)
Episode 21: 萌葱色、永遠に…(Eternal Green) 25:01 Download (233MB)
Episode 22: 赤錆びた壁を越えて(Breaking Through the Red-Stained Wall) 25:00 Download (233MB)
Episode 23: 褐色の化身(The Dark Transformation) 25:01 Download (221MB)
Episode 24: 命はかくも透きとおり(Translucent Life) 24:49 Download (217MB)
Episode 25: 白きパスカの刻(Time of the White Pasca) 25:00 Download (221MB)
Episode 26: サヨナラは海の碧(まりん・ブルー)(Goodbye, Marine Blue) 24:48 Download (218MB)

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