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Anne of Green Gables

Files: 50


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised 178 MB 25:40japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 2: Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised 178 MB 25:42japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 3: Morning at Green Gables 168 MB 24:16japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 4: Anne`s History 170 MB 24:32japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 5: Marilla makes up her mind 168 MB 24:16japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 6: Anne of Green Gables 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 7: Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified 168 MB 24:16japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 8: Anne`s impressions of Sunday School 170 MB 24:32japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 9: A Solemn Vow 178 MB 25:41japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 10: Anne Plays With a Best Friend 178 MB 25:40japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 11: Anne Loses the Amethyst Brooch 178 MB 25:41japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 12: Anne`s Confession 168 MB 24:15japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 13: Anne Goes to School 178 MB 25:41japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 14: A Tempest in Class 160 MB 23:07japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 15: Fall is coming 160 MB 23:07japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 16: Diana is Invited to Tea 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 17: Anne Returns to School 178 MB 25:41japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 18: Anne Rescues Minnie May 178 MB 25:42japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 19: Diana`s Birthday 168 MB 24:17japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 20: Spring Once Again 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 21: The New Minister`s Wife 168 MB 24:16japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 22: The Wrong Ingredient 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 23: Ann is Invited to Tea 168 MB 24:16japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 24: An Affair of Honour 170 MB 24:32japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 25: A letter to Diana 178 MB 25:41japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 26: The Concert Plan 178 MB 25:40japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 27: Matthew and the Clothes Shop 168 MB 24:15japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 28: The Christmas Concert 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 29: Anne Starts the Story-telling Club 168 MB 24:15japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 30: Vanity and Vexation of Spirit 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 31: An Unfortunate Lily Maid 168 MB 24:13japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 32: An Epoch in Anne`s Life 170 MB 24:31japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 33: An Invitation to Queen`s Class 178 MB 25:40japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 34: Diana and Students at Queens 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 35: Longing for the Summer Holidays 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 36: The Future of the Story Club 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 37: A 15-year-old`s Spring 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 38: My Number is 13 161 MB 23:09japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 39: The Results 160 MB japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 40: The Concert Hotel 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 41: Off to Queen`s College 160 MB 23:06japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 42: Life on a New Campus 178 MB 25:40japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 43: Home for the Weekends 160 MB 23:07japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 44: The Winter at Queen`s 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 45: The Glory and the Dream 160 MB 23:05japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 46: Matthew`s Love 158 MB 22:45japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 47: The Reaper whose Name is Death 158 MB 22:45japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 48: Matthew`s Farewell 158 MB 22:45japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 49: The Bend in the Road 158 MB 22:45japaneseKaorimoch
Episode 50: God`s in Heaven, all is well on Earth 265 MB 22:35japaneseKaorimoch

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