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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 2153
Total Episodes: 31578
Total Archive Size: 6986 GB

Total Albums: 1750
Total Songs: 24042
Total Album Size: 143 GB

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Ah! My Goddess TV

Files: 27
Type: TV Series


    Length Watch Download  
Episode 1: You`re a Goddess!? 24:09 Download (171MB)
Episode 2: Ah! Can the one who believes be saved? 24:09 Download (140MB)
Episode 2: Ah! Can the one who believes be saved? 24:09 Download (140MB)
Episode 3: Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess! 24:09 Download (174MB)
Episode 4: Ah! The Queen and the Goddess! 24:09 Download (170MB)
Episode 5: Ah! Living Under One Roof Together! 24:09 Download (160MB)
Episode 6: Ah! Unexpectedly finding something blessed? 24:09 Download (168MB)
Episode 7: Ah! Where to Confess One's Love! 24:12 Download (340MB)
Episode 8: Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores! 24:12 Download (340MB)
Episode 9: Ah! The Queen and the Goddess's Secret! 24:11 Download (341MB)
Episode 10: Ah! Can the Auto Club Triumph? 24:17 Download (340MB)
Episode 11: Ah! A Demon has Come and is Creating Calamity! 24:46 Download (340MB)
Episode 12: Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens? 24:12 Download (340MB)
Episode 13: Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To? 24:12 Download (340MB)
Episode 14: Ah! Teaching a Lesson Called Competition! 24:15 Download (341MB)
Episode 15: Ah! My Heart Was Stolen By a Goddess! 24:39 Download (342MB)
Episode 16: Ah! Catastrophe Arrives. An Auspicious Sign Stands? 24:11 Download (341MB)
Episode 17: Ah! What Are Ability and Effort? 24:12 Download (341MB)
Episode 18: Ah! Confess Your Feelings Under the Moon? 24:18 Download (340MB)
Episode 19: Ah! Don't Look At Me Like That? 24:39 Download (341MB)
Episode 20: Ah! Save the Goddess, If You're a Man!? 24:11 Download (341MB)
Episode 21: Ah! The One I Yearn For Is A White-Winged Angel! 24:11 Download (341MB)
Episode 22: Ah! A Devil's Whisper, Along With a Pot? 24:12 Download (341MB)
Episode 23: Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute? 24:40 Download (340MB)
Episode 24: Ah! Always With You? 23:57 Download (340MB)
Episode 25: Ah! Urd's Small Love Story? 23:57 Download (340MB)
Episode 26: Ah! Being an Adult is Heart-Throbbing? 24:01 Download (339MB)

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