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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 3084
Total Episodes: 47661
Total Archive Size: 10426 GB

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Star Blazers

Files: 26
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: The Battle at Pluto 216 MB 25:43japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 2: Carrier Attacks the Sleeping Yamato 196 MB 24:48japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 3: Ultra-Menace Missile 207 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 4: Test Warp to Mars 192 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 5: Floating Continent 205 MB 24:48japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 6: Paladin 221 MB 25:09japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 7: The Reflex Gun, part I 184 MB 25:00japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 8: The Reflex Gun, part II 224 MB 24:52japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 9: The Asteroid Ring 204 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 10: "We will Return" 230 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 11: Desslok Mines? 206 MB 24:52japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 12: The Tunnel Satellite (Will Yamato Perish in the Tunnel Satellite?) 194 MB 24:53japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 13: The Gamilon Pilot 206 MB 24:57japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 14: Octopus Star Storm 206 MB 24:53japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 15: Galactic Whirlpool 206 MB 24:52japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 16: Stop at Beeland 220 MB 24:52japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 17: Balanosaurus 185 MB 24:54japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 18: Magnetron Wave 214 MB 24:56japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 19: Communication Satellite 206 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 20: The Artificial Sun 197 MB 24:53japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 21: The Main Fleet Battle (Courage -- Death of Hijikata!) 208 MB 24:48japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 22: The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy 183 MB 24:51japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 23: Dragged to Gamilon 217 MB 24:48japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 24: The Battle of Gamilon 206 MB 24:53japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 25: Iscandar 200 MB 25:26japaneseCentral Anime
Episode 26: The Journey Home 213 MB 24:54japaneseCentral Anime

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