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The Hylia Anime

Total Series: 3084
Total Episodes: 47661
Total Archive Size: 10426 GB

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Sailor Moon R

Files: 43
Air date: March 5th, 1993
End date: March 11th, 1994
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: Revival of Moon! A Mysterious Monster Appears 242 MB 24:06japaneseAnime-Himitsu
Episode 2: For Love and Justice, The Sailor Warriors Again! 232 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 3: Who`s the White Rose For? The Shadow Knight Appears! 232 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 4: Usagi In Danger! Disabled Tiara! 230 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 5: Renewed Transformation: Usagi`s Powerup 230 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 6: Targetted Children! Venus in Action 230 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 7: Mamoru and Usagi`s Babysitter Mayhem 230 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 8: The cultural festival is just for me!? Queen Rei sings all out 230 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 9: Is Seijuro the Moon Shadow Knight? Mako-chan Firing Up 230 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 10: After Mamoru`s Kiss! Ann`s Snow White Plan 230 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 11: Watch Out for After School! Targeted Usagi 233 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 12: The disagreeing feeling of love! The Makaiju`s anger 233 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 13: The true love awakens! The Makaiju`s secret 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 14: An angel? A devil? The mysterious girl from the sky 233 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 15: Usagi`s big shock! Mamoru says he`s breaking up 232 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 16: The friendship of the senshi! Good-bye forever Ami-chan 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 17: Girls should be strong and beautiful! Rei`s new attack 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 18: Seek the Silver Crystal! Chibi-Usa`s Secret 233 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 19: Love Dispute! Minako and Makoto Square Off 233 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 20: Usagi`s Motherly Love? Triangle with Curry 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 21: Ocean, Island, Vacation! Warrior`s Day Off 233 MB 20:14japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 22: Protect Chibi-Usa! Ten Warriors` Fierce Battle 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 23: Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru`s Difficulties 233 MB 23:40japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 24: Confrontation of the Flames of Love! Mars VS Coan 233 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 25: For Friendship! Ami and Beruche Clash 230 MB 23:17japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 26: Unmerciful Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sadness 231 MB 23:16japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 27: UFO Appearance! The Sailor Soldiers Kidnapped 231 MB 23:16japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 28: Defeat Rubeus! Decisive Battle in Space 231 MB 23:36japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 29: Mysterious New Soldier, Pluto Appears 230 MB 23:35japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 30: Black Magic! Invasion of Esmeraude 231 MB 23:37japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 31: Thoughts the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again 231 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 32: Venus Minako`s Nurse Mayhem 230 MB 23:37japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 33: Artemis` Adventure. The Invaded Animal Kingdom 231 MB 23:37japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 34: Dreadful Illusion! Ami All Alone 231 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 35: The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted! 231 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 36: Journey to the Future. Battle in the Corridor of Time 175 MB 23:38japaneseraw/unknown
Episode 37: Shocking Future! Dimando`s Dark Ambition 231 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 38: Wiseman`s Dark Hand. Destroy Chibi-Usa! 232 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 39: Dark Queen! Birth of the Black Lady 231 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 40: Saffir Dies! Wiseman`s Trap 231 MB 23:38japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 41: Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi`s Determination 231 MB 23:39japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 42: The Final Battle of Light and Dark! A Vow of Love to the Future 231 MB 23:37japaneseAnime-Avatar
Episode 43: Usagi`s Final Decision! Prologue to a New Battle 232 MB 22:51japaneseAnime-Avatar

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