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Lovely Complex

Files: 24
Air date: April 6th, 2007
Type: TV Series


  Size LengthAudioCreated By
Episode 1: Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend! 254 MB
Episode 2: The Ex-Girlfriend Love Triangle!? 167 MB 23:59japaneseKissSub
Episode 3: Between the Guy I Like and the Guy From the Past? 167 MB 24:00japaneseKissSub
Episode 4: Kiss! I've Fallen For You! 198 MB
Episode 5: Send Forbidden Love Flying! 167 MB 24:00japaneseKissSub
Episode 6: A Maiden`s Determination! Love-Love Confession Plan!! 167 MB 24:00japaneseKissSub
Episode 7: Sunk! The Worst Confession in History!! 167 MB 24:00japaneseKissSub
Episode 8: Comeback Impossible! Major Heartbreak!! 227 MB
Episode 9: Resuscitation!! Aim for Girlfriend Status!! 231 MB
Episode 10 167 MB 23:55japaneseKissSub
Episode 11: Absolute Death! Revived Love with the Ex-Girlfriend?! 214 MB
Episode 12: Recapture Love! Improve as a Girl with Honmei Chocolate!! 191 MB
Episode 13 254 MB KiteSeekers-Kira
Episode 14 195 MB KiteSeekers-Kira
Episode 15 167 MB KissSub
Episode 16 175 MB KissSub
Episode 17 167 MB KissSub
Episode 18 167 MB KissSub
Episode 19 167 MB KissSub
Episode 20 167 MB KissSub
Episode 21 166 MB KissSub
Episode 22 166 MB KissSub
Episode 23 166 MB KissSub
Episode 24 166 MB KissSub

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